On a Mission To Keep Art Alive in Public Education!

Timm is currently an active Henderson County Public School Guest Arts Instructor, a role he's happily navigated for the past few years.  During this period, Timm has worked with principals, students, faculty, and City and County organizations to create breathtaking hand painted art in school gathering places.  "It's important to visually value The Arts in rural America's Public Education Centers."  This can only be accomplished by student/mentor projects that become a centerpiece for conversation!

By conceptualizing with art students while working behind the scenes on organizing efforts with public and private sectors, the community becomes allied.  Students become part of a vision and collaborate on something that is meaningful to them and their generation.  As efforts become visible, Timm's tireless devotion to working with faculty and students who have little or no real world art experience, transforms out dated blandness into colorful, professionally crafted environments. The community becomes inspired and enriched! 

"A mural project - or similar grand scale art project, has the ability to teach as you create." By utilizing his 35 years of experience in art creation, Timm and students have spawned transformative artistry on the campus of East Henderson High School.  Timm is working with other schools to do the same in upcoming years.  These projects have been featured in local newspapers and trade magazines.  Students involved come away with a special sense of ownership and pride in both their schools and themselves!  Timm has guest instructed at East Henderson HS, Hendersonville HS, North HS, West HS, Rugby MS, Hendersonville MS, Ballfour Education Center, and Dana,  Sugarloaf, Hendersonville, Bruce Drysdale, and Upward Elementary schools. 

Private Instruction

Timm has taught his art skills - from airbrush and pin striping to fine art, murals, ceramics, and illustration, at a private level in his studios or class resource centers for more than 25 years.  Timm's approach to teaching involves regular demonstrations, in-depth tool and product knowledge, tricks and tips of his own invention, and steadfast repetition of foundational studies like sketching, texture rendering, and illusion crafting.  Timm always incorporates history and reason in the diversity of his style and media classes, and melds today's digital technologies with thousands years old procedures to allow the most flexibility for students who desire to earn a living in art.  Timm will often overview grants, contract writing, art shows, gallery sales, commission, and the business of being a full time artist.  He details marketing and promotion, reveals legal trademark and copyright data, licensing designs, and often includes aspects of art and martial arts therapy to develop focus, self discipline, motivation, and physical well being.  Check Timm's ARTAMERICA BLOG for information and locations of upcoming projects and class availability!