Timm began airbrushing with a Badger airbrush his father bought him just out of high school - back in the early 1980's, the heyday of automotive and t-shirt decorating! Self taught, he quickly learned tricks and techniques that became his signature style, eventually incorporating the airbrush into his fine art, illustration, sign art, and murals. His art and step-by-step articles have been featured in international trade magazines, newspapers, journals, and in manufacturers and distributors advertisements.  He's endorsed and represented Iwata/Medea, Grex, and Badger airbrushes and products, as well as Createx, Deka, Chroma, and Life-Tone paints.  Timm is often hired to attend trade shows and demonstrate techniques, style, and describe paint and tool products and use.  Timm has assisted the growth of many products by his articles, visibility, and use in instruction - especially to young folks and aspiring artists.

Timm prides himself in having over 25 years of private and public instruction enabling - in his own way - the continuation of airbrushing and how it can forge a stronghold in the vast takeover of digital art technologies. From murals to fine art and illustration, airbrushing has been on the forefront of Timm's creative endeavors.  


The Arts can and should play a huge role in helping at risk youths and others who have flowed into the veins of the the judicial system.  The Arts offer many aspects of recovery that other community service programs do not.  Self discipline, focus, a sense of purpose, collaboration, visual progress, therapy, and project completion of community art, aimed to regroup, recover, and give back in a positive way, are aspects Timm has proven can reduce recidivism, recompense criminal doings, and restore community and law official confidence in individuals and groups.  ARTMEND.ORG will be the vehicle brainstorm Timm activates to work with organizations like The Governors Crime Council, JCPC, Project Challenge, County Schools, local Judicial and Law official members, and respective City Leadership.  Airbrushing will play a huge role in ARTMEND.ORG, because of it's command of attention, rigorous maintenance, and malleability for various substrates.  Keep an eye on Timm's ARTAMERICA BLOG for updates...