Themed for Native American Casinos and the "Fast - Casual" dining genre!

Invented by Timm and Stephanie Kurtz over some eight years of intensive study, prototype operations, and building on Timm's 15 years restaurant experience, The Roast House System offers healthy, original, franchise themes based on First Nation/American Indian recipes and authentic indigenous New World resources.  The various themes meld period European influences and "Cowboy" cooking methods with innovative recipe designing to restore authentic "AMERICANA" to the growing number of Native American land Casinos and Hospitality facilities, as well as rural locations.

Our proprietary technologies and trade secrets involving patented equipment under license, food handling procedures, cooking techniques, recipes, sauces, and spices, craft food items that are family healthy and calorie conscious.  Every item is free of trans-fats, uses only natural food items, uses no processed or prepared foods, and will never use preservative or chemical laced ingredients.  Additionally, unnatural or refined sugars are avoided and only whole grains are used!  To date, The Roast House System is the only blueprint emphasizing natural and fresh ingredients in an innovative, cost effective, low-waste, and profitable various theme model, designed to offer health conscious food on a national level with the prospects for franchising or multi-unit corporate development.  As a rule, our fast-casual system averages food and plate costs around 27 percent.

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