Without the ARTS, culture is featureless - having no history or record. Artists have shaped or described every facet of human activity and invention.  They have captured and created the unseen and the imaginable.  We model, absorb, create, transcribe, inspire, and define, so that others can map a moment, a world, an idea, or a thought.  This is why ART must RESIDE FOREMOST IN EDUCATION - to will the ideals of a species into a better and bolder future.

CURRENTLY accepting Fine Art Commissions, Custom Airbrush Projects, select murals, Illustrations, and Graphic Design for DTG Printing, promotion, and logo work.  VERY INTERESTED in a lateral entry Arts Educator position, preferably secondary or collegiate.

Please include pertinent information about specific project and needs!  If you are a Gallery owner, Creative Director or Designer, please reference client, time frame, location, and budget.  My studio base is Weaverville, NC, however I travel often currently working on book projects, therefore email works best for correspondence. I will provide my private mobile phone contact number once we establish communication.

Can't Wait to Hear From You!

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